Short Songs About Love and Heartbreak

by The Romance Disease

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I sat in my room and recorded 5 songs in one take in roughly a couple of hours for my deput EP.


released January 24, 2012



all rights reserved


The Romance Disease Ypsilanti, Michigan

Joshua James Peters of Masnema's solo project.

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Track Name: A Far Away Place
In a far away place I found you
You were beautiful and overdue
I've been waiting for someone to care
And if you stay, my love, I'll always be there
I will hold you close if you get cold
Cause to me, this will never get old
Press your lips to mine and mine to yours
And I will stay..

Cause your lips will touch mine again
And I will always be there

In a far away place I found you
And there you'll stay cause life is cruel
I've been waiting for someone to care
I should have expected endless despair
I will hold you close if you get cold
But you are the chill that makes me weak and old
Lips of poison and false promises
But now I say..

That your lips will never touch mine again
And your love will disappear
Track Name: Hiding in Plain Sight
These lights burn down on my face
So bright and blinding
All I see are shadows
Staring up at me
Then somehow I see your face
Your eyes locked in to mine
And so I sing this song
As if you're the only one listening

Like I'm hiding in plain sight
From everyone but you

It's as if every word was
Written for you
Even though I've never met you
I can see the passion in your face
It's in the way you're moving
Swaying to the beat
Every chord composed of beauty
It's like you're the only one who knows
Track Name: Brand New Life
Is this the life that you dreamed of
Without me?
Getting to know yourself doesn't mean
You need to fuck everyone that you meet
I can't believe
I ever loved somebody
Who's only best at
Getting down on her knees
Track Name: The Lovers of Valdaro
I am simply and adoring fan
I stare in awe as you naturally
Radiate your ability
To weaken me in the knees
I know we are only a spec
A tiny dot of existence
But in my mind, you and I
Are the only things alive

And as we hold each other tight
The rest of the world collapses
And I don't care, no I don't care
As long as you're right there
As our legs are intertwined
The world crumbles to pieces
But I don't mind, yeah I don't mind
What a perfect way to die

The ground is shaking all around us
But our eyes never lose sight
Of one another, there is no other
Who I would die with tonight

This is the end, yeah this is the end
There's no other place
I'd rather be right now
Track Name: Unattainable
Lost in your eyes, buried in your laughter
Beauty in your words and a lust for your lips
But how do I find all the right words
To let you know what I'm feeling?

Cause you're unattainable
Or so it seems
Or maybe I'm losing grip
On reality
But I can't turn back
I just have to hide it
Cause you're my best friend
Or so you've decided

I blame you
For these feelings that were forced on to me
Every conversation that we have had

A few subtle moments of disappointment
But I'm stubborn, I never give up
And suddenly you were all alone
And I was there for comfort

I blame you
For these feelings that were forced on to me
Every conversation that we have had
But who knew
That it wasn't just misunderstood
Because you
Have been feeling the same things

But even though I have you now
I still don't have you at all
And even if every kiss feels right
There's always something wrong
But even though times can be hard
You're worth every frustrating moment
And even if you keep your distance
It'll all be perfect in the end